HEMERIA was founded on the idea that every nation should have access to autonomous space and defense capabilities for a safer, more sustainable, and equitable world. HEMERIA assists its clients in deploying their tactical missions in constrained environments that address strong strategic challenges such as population and territory protection, information dissemination/collection, and improved access to space.

As a major and recognized player in the space industry, with long-standing partnerships with CNES and major contractors, HEMERIA designs, manufactures, and provides state-of-the-art space systems and vehicles for commercial, institutional, and scientific clients at the national, European, and international levels.

As a leader in the small satellite and stratospheric balloon industry, HEMERIA facilitates access to space for new entrants through optimized and competitive solutions based on French technical expertise. HEMERIA also supports its clients from the design of their solution to the deployment of the operational system into orbit and is one of the top three European providers of structures, thermal protections, and interconnection devices for larger satellites.